Bolting and Machining Services


RSGx have the capability to perform on-site bolting and machining including torqueing, tensioning, flange facing, milling, pipe cutting and weld preparation. Our bolters, machinists and equipment can be dispatched for shutdown works or emergent scope at short notice.

RSGx specialises in a few particular areas, such as hydraulic bolt tensioning, hydraulic bolt torquing, hydraulic nut splitting, ultrasonic bolt monitoring, turbine tightening and all flange related management services. RSGx also specialises in repairing damanged flange faces and grammaphones to within microns, as required by our client's standards.

Bolting and Machining
Bolting and Machining


  • 25mm through 155mm low profile cassettes
  • ¾” through 2 ½” square drive hydraulic wrenches
  • Options to suit ASME/ANSI, RTJ, compact flanges
  • Custom torque solutions to suit tight work areas


  • Hydraulic and electric pump options
  • Topside, sub-sea and specialty tensioner heads
  • Heads to suit any size flange including compact flanges

Flange Facing and Rectification

  • Raised face flanges
  • Ability to machine small and medium diameter flanges (less than 1m)
  • Ability to machine large diameter flanges (up to 3m)
  • Compact or hub type flanges
  • Heat exchanger tube sheets
  • RTJ Machining

Pipe Cutting and Weld Preparation

  • Ability to cut and prepare diameters up to 1700mm
  • Single contractor for cutting, preparation and welding works
  • Cutting utilising pneumatic clamshell lathes minimising spark potential

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