Chemical Cleaning Services


The RSGx team has over 50 years of combined experience in the area of chemical cleaning and have successfully delivered contracts on all major LNG projects in Australia. The experienced RSGx team provide a solution to any industrial cleaning activity required on major projects.

Chemical Cleaning
Chemical Cleaning


Preservation of a plant requires routine cleaning programs. A clean system yields higher flows and greater efficiency, thus reducing energy costs and increasing production. RSGx specialises in preventative and scheduled maintenance programs. Our fleet of equipment includes pumps, boilers, heat exchangers and filtration packages and can be made available at short notice for projects of any size.

Each project is unique, and our team provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of any project. RSGx utilise both reactive and non-reactive chemistry solutions, depending on our clients requirements. These solutions traverse a wide range of application methods; vapor phase, foam, fill and soak, circulation, rotating nozzles, and on-line cleaning. Our experience and track record covers a range of industries, equipment, and life cycles, from pre-commissioning to operations. The industries in which RSGx have provided chemical cleaning services include; Oil and Gas (onshore and offshore); Petrochemical; Power Stations (including conventional fossil fuel boilers, HRSG’s, geothermal and solar technology); and pharmaceutical.

Our team can assist with:

  • Maintenance planning and cleaning
  • Shutdown cleaning
  • On-site treatment of waste
  • Disposal of effluent

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