Inspection and Testing Services


RSGx offers a range of inspection activities including remote visual inspection, hydrostatic pressure testing, N2/He leak testing, pneumatic pressure testing and condition inspection of piping and vessels.

A well planned predictive maintenance program can make a massive difference inachieving production deadlines. RSGx offers thermal imaging and measurement tools to survey and troubleshoot mechanical equipment and electrical systems. RSGx's capabilities allow our technicians to inspect energized equipment safely—even at peak operation. Along with troubleshooting, thermal imaging cameras and non-contact measurement tools can also assist with the optimisation of the production process and monitor quality control.

Mechanical Plant and Equipment
Mechanical Plant and Equipment

Visual Inspection

We offer a range of remote visual inspection equipment for either wet or dry hire

Drone Inspection

Through in-house and external partners we offer a range of drone inspection options for vessel and tank inspection, structural inspection, large diameter piping and solar farm inspections. Inspection of piping, pushrods generally for inspection of up to 60mof piping and robotic crawlers for inspection for 2.5km+ of piping

Borescope Inspection

Borescope inspection is useful for vessels, small diameter piping, heat exchangers and rotating equipment inspection

Robotic Crawler /Pushrod Inspection

Primarily used for inspection of piping, pushrods generally for inspection of up to 60m of piping and robotic crawlers for inspection for 2.5km+ of piping

Pressure Testing

We offer both pneumatic and hydrostatic pressure testing as well as a range of leak testing and detection services, contact us to discuss your particular needs. Pressure testing can be undertaken for pipes, hoses, vessels, valves and fittings. We can test in accordance with both Australian and international standards, including but not limited to:

  • Piping (AS 4041, ASME B31.3, ASME B31.8)
  • Hoses (Manufacturer guidelines and AS 1180.5)
  • Valves (API 6D, API 526)
  • Vessels (API 620, AS.NZS 1200, AS 1210 and AS4037)
  • Fittings (AS 4041 and ASME B31.3)
  • PE, GRP and Non-metallic pipelines (AS 2566.2 and AS 2033)

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