Leak Testing, Drying and Blowing


RSGx provides a range of nitrogen/air services including nitrogen purging, N2/He leak testing and large-scale drying operations. Services are performed both onshore and offshore in the petrochemical, Oil & Gas (both up and downstream), refining and power generation sectors. Services are typically performed during commissioning, shutdowns and maintenance operations, where modifications to piping or process systems may have been made.

 Leak Testing, Drying and Blowing
Leak Testing, Drying and Blowing


Our trained operators are able to provide associated support and repair services including flange management, flange facing, welding and repair of piping systems. In addition, we can also provide velocity blowing of piping systems for flushing out construction debris and proof of cleanliness prior to start-up. Our equipment includes:

  • Compressor and dryer packages
  • Liquid nitrogen pumping skids
  • Nitrogen membranes and converters
  • Industrial silencers
  • Target blowing inserters (automatic)
  • Large scale accumulators

RSGx focuses on innovation to maximise productiviry. One such innovation is to introduce automatic target inserters and remotely operated compression spreads in target blowing. All compressed air and nitrogen activities are carefully planned with a massive focus on both safety and environmental impacts. RSGx prioritises requirements of local community and wildlife when it comes to excessive noise exposure during discharge and blowing operations.

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