Permit to Work Services


RSGx has specialist teams delivering on the largest and most complex energy, infrastructure and resources projects. As there are variations in requirements around permit to work procedures from project to project across various industries, RSGx build a permit to work system from the ground up to suit any project, to be utilised across all disciplines and safely deliver the project to its final stages.

RSGx provide experienced personnel to implement and manage the permit to work system, safely controlling and progressively delivering work areas.

Permit To Work
Permit To Work


  • Design permit to work procedures to align with project expectations
  • Design isolation procedures to use in conjunction with permit to work systems
  • Design engaging training packages to suit any given permit to work system
  • Provide registered, expert training personnel to perform inductions, training of permit to work systems and isolation procedures
  • Provide experienced and proven teams to manage permit to work systems
  • Provide teams of mechanical and electrical isolation experts who have followed a vast number of different isolation procedures across projects in many industries including Oil & Gas, mining and infrastructure
  • Safely deliver projects, progressively controlling areas and isolations from initial construction to handover, throughout the commissioning process and through to an operational level
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