Retro-jetting and High Pressure Water Cleaning Services


As an alternative to chemical cleaning or pigging of piping systems, retro-jetting can be a good solution to remove mill-scale, rust, welding slag, mineral sediment and construction debris. Retro-jetting is performed by pumping water through a self-propelled high-pressure nozzle, designed to clean pipe walls between 5,000-40,000 psi. The hose is fed through a bi-directional feeder, designed to control the feed rate and rotation of the hose. The rotation of the hose allows it to navigate elbows, changes of direction and change of diameter. Retro-jetting can be performed both inline and out of line, in a variety of conditions and at remote site locations, eliminating the need for cross country effluent disposal. Water used in retrojetting can typically be filtered, PH balanced (if required) and disposed of through standard site disposal permits.

High Pressure Water Jetting
High Pressure Water Jetting


Key advantages of choosing RSGx for industrial services are:

  • Ability to remove fine and large debris from systems
  • We operate in a range of environmental conditions including subzero climates
  • Repeatable high-quality results
  • Minimal effluent produced
  • Water can be captured and filtered for further use or recycling
  • Ability to clean systems that cannot be flooded
  • High quality results – to any level of cleanliness
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