RSGx are excited to announce that we have been awarded with the high voltage Electrical installation and commissioning of the Albion substation with Metro Trains Melbourne.

Technical analysis of existing train power supply and future transport needs along the Sunbury Line identified the need for a new substation in Albion to provide the necessary power supply in the area. The substation is being built on land set aside for rail purposes on Talmage Street, Albion. As part of the $2.1 billion Sunbury Line Upgrade will see various upgrades within the rail corridor extending from Sunbury to Footscray.

These enhancements are needed to take full advantage of the extra capacity created by the Metro Tunnel and for more modern trains to run on the Sunbury Line.

RSGx have been tasked with the HV electrical installation, termination and testing of earthing, 22kV, 3.3kV and LV cables between various points in the substation and back to the Essential Services network.

In addition to this, RSGx is to supply, install and test all fibre optic communication cables, VOIP and CCTV across the substation.

The package began is planned to be complete in 2022.

RSGx State Manager, Damian Hall said “we are delighted to be working with MTM. We’ve been working in the rail space in Victoria for the past few years and have created an unrivalled competency in the area. This strategically located project marries our HV and comms capabilities within the rail industry.

We are extremely pleased to be involved in such a high-profile project.

We have strong project management on the job, liaising with our client on a daily basis and expect a great outcome for both our client and ourselves”.