Our specialist, multi disciplined approach delivers integrated solutions across a wide range of projects, scaling from basic construction activities through to highly complex commissioning scopes, meeting or exceeding our partners expectations on safety, schedule and budget.

RSGx depends on our combined services experience to provide our partners with a tailored solution in any of the following industries

  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Infrastructure roads & tunnels
  • Infrastructure rail
  • Renewables
  • Water
  • Transmission & Distribution

The mix of industries in which RSGx provide services allows for RSGx to provide opportunities for our staff to gain experience across these industries. This experience then leads to a far more well-rounded workforce, with capabilities and experience across multiple industries.

As macro environmental and fiscal changes occur, such as the decarbonisation and the energy transition process, the diversity in our client list and industries in which RSGx provides services affords us certainty in our sustainability and our future as a business.

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