RSGx commitment
to sustainability

Community and Responsible sourcing

RSGx endeavours to operate responsibly within the community, and we expect and demand the same from our suppliers. Maintaining a reputation for the highest legal, moral, and ethical standards in our dealings with our customers and other key stakeholders is critical for our ongoing success. RSGx has partnered with two aboriginal companies in an incorporated joint venture called Baldja. Together we maximise local content, indigenous employment and upskilling opportunities, generating ongoing benefits within local indigenous communities, while providing quality outcomes for all stakeholders. We acknowledge the spiritual and cultural custodians of Whadjuk Nyungar boodjar, on whose land our Western Australian office resides, the kwobidak Ma’tagarup, Derbarl Yerrigan. Furthermore, we acknowledge the traditional custodians of all lands throughout Australia, and the Indigenous peoples.

Baldja’s Commitment

  • To set aside 10% of all forecasted profits arising from all projects it is awarded.
  • This 10% will support Aboriginal training and upskilling programs within the community.
  • Supporting Aboriginal employment commitments of the JV partners.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

RSGx has a commitment to:

  • Safety and wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Standards, processes and systems to consistently achieve quality outcomes.

The RSGx certified Integrated Management System (IMS) (ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001), provides documentation to support compliance with international standards.

By applying the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and risk-based thinking, RSGx aims to achieve:

  • A zero-harm environment for all stakeholders.
  • Minimise environmental footprint with a focus on sustainability.
  • Support Client's visions for a sustainable future.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Evidence-based decision making.
  • Leadership driven organisational culture.
  • Continual improvement through review of IMS systems.

RSGx employees, suppliers and partners are required to operate safely and with social responsibility to ensure the organisation’s Health, Safety, Environment and Quality objectives are met.

Electrical Licences:

Resource Services Group X Pty Ltd: NSW: 341367C; VIC: 30875; WA: EC14072; SA: PGE 299620; QLD: 86817; NT C4093

Resource Services Group E&I Pty Ltd: NSW 352131C; QLD: 89923

Corporate Responsibility


RSGx recognises that we play a key role in decarbonisation of our environment, minimising emissions to the environment from our operations, our projects, our people, through to  our supply chain.

RSGx has identified and implemented solutions to reduce our consumption of natural resources, such as programs for regular servicing of plant and equipment and a migration to a fleet of electric vehicles, where supported by existing infrastructure.

Further initiatives include:

  • minimising the use of diesel generators on RSGx sites, moving towards solar, such as solar powered lighting towers,
  • the use of a digital permitting system to reduce the requirement for paper,
  • moving to an electronic database for HSEQ inspections, observations and investigations.

Water Conservation

As an Australian headquarted company, RSGx sees first hand the importance of water conservation. Our workplace water consumption is minimised by the use of faucet aerators and automatic operation on all facility water outlets for potable water and the preferred use of non-potable water where suitable opportunities present themselves.

Waste Management

Our Waste Management plan identifies ways in which waste is reduced, reused, where practicable and recycled. In the case of hazardous materials, we are committed to disposing of all hazardous waste within current legislation through approved waste management facilities.

These topics are elaborated on in our Sustainability Management Plan.

Sustainability to RSGx means delivering our services in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and supporting the communities in which we operate.