Congratulations to our project delivery team who were highly commended for the WestConnex Low Point Sump project delivery at the NSW State Excellence Awards last week in the Industrial Large category.

The event, held at the Star Casino brought electrical industry leaders and government representatives together to discuss the industry and to celebrate our peers’ achievements at an awards night like no other.

Our submission outlined the delivery of the Design and Construction of the low point sump for the Westconnex m4-m5 link tunnel.

About the Project

RSGx was responsible for the comprehensive tasks of detailed design, supply, installation, and commissioning of the Low Point Sump (LPS), which serves as the tunnel’s common gravity drainage system for the WestConnex (WCX) M4-M5 Link Tunnels.

The LPS is divided into two compartments: the Minor Flows (MF) sump and the High Flows (HF) sump, interconnected by an under/over weir. The Northern LPS pumps transport water to the tunnel high point, allowing gravity to guide the flow towards the Southern LPS. In the Southern LPS, the MF pumps directly transfer water to the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) inlet buffer tank, while the HF pumps convey it to the surface holding tank.

Our team completed 12,000 working hours, LTI free, to design, install and commission in the four main fields – hydraulics, mechanical ventilation and air conditioning (MVAC), electrical and fire.

In terms of hydraulics, the system includes 87 assets such as valves, flow meters, switches, pumps, sensors and hydraulic pipework. These components work together to allow the proper flow of fluids within the sump.

The MVAC system consists of 120 assets including filters, dampers, ventilation fans, the electrical equipment room unit, switches, sensors, panels, supply and exhaust systems. These components help regulate temperature and maintain proper ventilation within the sump, ensuring that the equipment within it operates efficiently.

The electrical system of the sump include 89 assets such as luminaires, signs, distribution board, general power outlets, local control stations and control panels. These components help provide power to the various equipment within the sump.

Additionally, the fire system of the sump includes 53 assets such as smoke detectors, fire alarm sounders and visuals, foam suppression skid, the hydrocarbon system (sensors, control panels, detectors, transducers, etc.) and sub-fire indicator panels.

Our delivery team were well supported by the RSGx project management office, engineers, estimators, commercial admins and safety advisors.

Congratulations to the NSW electrical team on delivering another successful project, and for receiving this industry recognition.