AWP2 Enabling and Final High Voltage Works


RSGx were awarded the AWP2 Enabling and Final High Voltage Works package with the Southern Program Alliance, on the rail line from Frankston to Glen Huntly. The Southern Program Alliance is a section of the $6 billion Level Crossings Removal Project, which involves the removal of 75 level crossings in Melbourne, Victoria. The works, which commenced upon award, in September 2020, initially consisted of HV cable hauling, terminations, earthing and bonding scopes. The package

then progresses through to the commissioning phase, which is planned for late 2021.




All 3.3 / 2.2 KV HV signaling works such as:

  • Cable hauling, cable joining and terminations of 2c/16mm or 3c/35mm HV cables.
  • Installation of earth grids, cad weld and testing of earth systems.
  • Installation of 3.3/110V & 3.3/400V Transformers and associated equipment (Cable trays etc.) in REB, SER and PER rooms.
  • Installation of HV XIRIA switchgear and associated equipment including SCADA RTU cabinets in HV location cases.
  • Installation of VLD boards, cabling, terminations, and testing.
  • Completion of CTCs for relevant tasks and VLF testing.
  • Track Bonding and DC negative return cables.

110V Signal box connections and associated cabling to signaling equipment such as Train stops/ Point Machines/ Axle Counters/ Derailers etc.

Read more about the project in the project case study, which can be downloaded through the below link.