Inpex Ichthys LNG 48 Month Inspection and Maintenance – 6.6KV Ship Loading Switchboard


Ichthys LNG onshore process facilities at Bladin Point near Darwin cools gas from the Ichthys Field and transforms it into liquid for transport. Ichthys LNG’s onshore processing facilities include: two LNG processing trains, LPG and condensate plants, product storage tanks, a combined cycle power plant, administration facilities, utilities and a product load out jetty. INPEX officially opened Ichthys LNG onshore facilities in 2018 and critical High Voltage assets are due for periodic maintenance and inspection activities.


Perform the 48 month inspection and maintenance checks on the 6.6kV switchboard feeding the ship loading facilities in accordance with Inpex Work Instructions. The ship loading switchboard is a 30 tier, dual supplied switchboard consisting of transformer feeders, incomers, and HV motor feeders of various capacities. Works were to be completed with portions of the switchboard in operation and with no impact to the ship loading schedule.

Scope of Works associated with the switchboard included:

  • Secondary Injection testing on all protection relays
  • Disassembly, inspection and servicing of HV Vacuum Circuit Breakers
  • Disassembly, inspection and servicing of HV Vacuum Contactors
  • Operational Switching and function checks
  • Confirmation of electrical and mechanical interlocks
  • Inspection and cleaning of busbar and cable compartments
  • Inspection and cleaning of LV compartments
  • Insulation Resistance testing busbar
  • Micro-Ohm (Ductor) testing of circuit breaker contacts
  • Micro-Ohm (Ductor) testing of Bus connections
  • Defect and degradation identification


RSGx worked closely with Inpex operations to develop a complex strategy to complete the scope without impacting ship loading activities. After maintenance activities were performed, all assets were returned to service and the skilled technicians provided a report of observations and test records. The works were completed on time, on budget, without an LTI and with no disruption to production.