North Richmond Water Supply Zone


Sydney Water is a public utility company that manages the supply of water, wastewater, recycled water, and some stormwater services in Greater Sydney and the Illawarra. They provide safe drinking water to more than 5 million people, which is sourced from a network of dams managed by WaterNSW. The majority of their water comes from Lake Burragorang behind Warragamba Dam, but they also have the capability to receive water from the Shoalhaven catchment and Sydney Desalination Plant when necessary. They play a crucial role in maintaining the overall liveability of the city and preserving the health of the city’s people and waterways.


The scope of work for RSGx in the North Richmond Twin Reservoir & Stair Tower project entailed the execution of the engineering design and shop fabrication drawings for the modular access towers, connecting tank bridge platforms, tank roof structure, and shop fabrication drawing for the Twin Reservoirs (WS0489 & WS0490).

Additionally, RSGx was charged with the computation and analysis of the welded steel twin reservoirs, utilizing the expertise and technical proficiency of Saunders International, culminating in the realization of the design and completion of the project.

Read more about the project in the project case study, which can be downloaded through the below link.