The Western Sydney Airport Line

Tender bid support via Mechanical & Electrical consulting engineering services – Rail Infrastructure

Stations, Systems, Trains, Operations and Maintenance (SSTOM) package


Formerly known as Sydney Metro Greater West, the Western Sydney Airport Line will see a new metro rail line run from St. Marys on the existing T1 heavy rail line to the Western Sydney Aerotropolis near Bringelly, via Western Sydney Airport (WSA).

The six stations announced for the line will be located at:

  • St Marys
  • Orchard Hills
  • Luddenham
  • Airport Business Park
  • Airport Terminal, and
  • Western Sydney Aerotropolis


The scope of the Stations, Systems, Trains, Operations and Maintenance (SSTOM) package comprises:

  • construction of the six new stations
  • installation of tracks, signalling, mechanical and electrical systems
  • supplying new driverless trains
  • construction of stabling and maintenance facility at Orchard Hills
  • operation and maintenance of the line and its assets, and
  • handback of operations and maintenance at the end of term.



As part of the SSTOM bid, RSGx were engaged by our client to provide supplementary tender support for the submission for both the line wide scope and the maintenance facility.

RSGx presented our methodology and supplied the set of risks and opportunities and the basis of our bid to the entire JV team. Separately, RSGx provided the submission to operate and maintain the HV network though the construction phase, through to commissioning and handover.



Over the duration of the project, we were successful in assisting the client with the issuance of up to 152 procurement packages. Included in the submission was

  • 132kV incoming, 33kV distribution and 25kV AC traction system
  • 33kV/690V/400V Switchboards, installation of transformers
  • Cable containment
  • General light and power throughout tunnel and maintenance facility, and throughout the stabling yards
  • All dry and wet fire main and fire systems through the tunnel and maintenance facility
  • Drainage for tunnel hydraulics.
  • Intruder detection systems for CCTV
  • Access control for maintenance facility
  • Installation of leaky feeders
  • MVAC, HVAC and air handling in the maintenance facility
  • Fans, dampers and attenuators



The RSGx team delivered the tender from concept, right through to the detailed submission in just 5 weeks. RSGx also produced an extremely accurate bid down to nuts and bolts. The team that delivered this consisted of our M&E Delivery manager, our M&E Superintendent, and two of our M&E Chief estimators.


RSGx’s ability to interface with the design team and extended bid team, including client members overseas, meant that all aspects of the bid were covered. We also added significant value to the bid, making it more competitive, through optimisations and value engineering.