RSGx has appointed David Kasehagen as HSEQ Manager. David will be responsible for:

  • Supporting senior management through the maintenance and further development of the health, safety environment and quality systems throughout RSGx.
  • Supporting projects to ensure compliance with internal, client and legislative requirements.
  • Maintaining and adhering to ISO accreditations.

David brings over 14 years of management and leadership experience from previous tier one and tier two companies throughout Australia in the construction, resource and mining sectors. With significant field experience in the Oil & Gas industry working specifically with the Drilling and Pipeline sectors, underpinning his HSEQ credentials, David has a strong attention to detail and along with his auditing credentials and valuable knowledge in emergency response brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to RSGx.

David stated that: “This is a fantastic opportunity. I have joined RSGx at a very exciting time. They have built a very strong team and I believe I will be a good cultural fit. I was impressed by the RSGx safety mindset and feel that the vision for the business is aligned with my own objectives.”

David sees his role as one of support and as a resource to be utilised by RSGx and sub-contractor employees. David wants Safety to be viewed upon as part of the Construction Team working with rather than separately from the remainder of the business / project teams.

RSGx will leverage David’s experience to build on all the existing good work with a view to delivery of the best outcomes for both RSGx and our clients.