It’s not every day you come across someone as unforgettable as Jim Diskin. Eleven years ago, he ventured across the ocean from England to Australia, and in that time, Jim’s unique Yorkshire humour and charismatic personality have left an unforgettable mark on everyone he’s crossed paths with, whether that be on some of Australia’s most significant oil & gas and infrastructure projects or in his local Eastern Suburbs!

Recently diagnosed with brain cancer, Jim’s shown the courage and determination that we’ve come to know and love. He’s faced the surgeon’s scalpel and now, he’s braving the intense journey of chemotherapy and radiation. It’s a battle that would test even the strongest spirit, but Jim as always is rising to the challenge.

We’re dedicating this month of November to raising awareness and showing our unwavering support to Jim and his family.

We are Jim’s Australian family and now, we’re uniting to show our appreciation for the legend he is, here’s where you come in: “Tash for Cash”

“Tash for Cash” is a fundraiser with a twist, reflecting Jim’s unmistakable personality. It’s all about growing moustaches to raise both awareness and funds.

Here’s how you can get involved:

 Step 1: Grow a ‘Tash with Yorkshire Flair

 Starting now, we invite you to embrace your inner Yorkshire spirit and grow a moustache in honour of Jim. Whether it’s a bit of the ol’ Yorkshire walrus, a spiffing handlebar, or a nod to the iconic pencil-thin variety, let your ‘tash flourish. Share your ‘tash-growing journey on social media with the hashtag #TashForCash and encourage your mates to join in.

Step 2: Invite Donations

While you’re growing your ‘tash, ask your friends, family, and co-workers to make donations to the “Tash for Cash” fundraiser dedicated to supporting Jim. Every dollar raised will help alleviate the financial burden of Jim’s medical expenses, medications, and specialized treatments, as he continues his fight against brain cancer.

Step 3: Grand Shave-Off Event

As the ‘tashes reach epic proportions, we’ll cap it all off with a Grand Shave-Off Event, an occasion of camaraderie, laughter, and goodwill. At this event, you can bid to have the honour of shaving off those impressive moustaches. All proceeds from the bidding will go toward supporting Jim and his family.

Step 4: Our ‘Tash-less Sisters

But don’t you fret, our tash-less sisters! We’ve got events throughout the month for you to show your support to Jim (we’re not expecting you to magically sprout a moustache!!). You can be part of this journey and make your mark just the same as the boys!

Jim’s Yorkshire humour has left a lasting impression wherever he’s gone and he’s not just a colleague; he’s family. He’s been with us through thick and thin, sharing laughs and grafting side by side. Now it’s our time to show what “family” truly means.

Now, let’s come together, grow ‘tashes with Yorkshire flair, and show Jim that he’s not alone in this battle. Our support, both financial and emotional, is a testament to the lasting impact he’s had on all of us.

There’s not a person in Australia that hasn’t been touched by cancer at some stage, it’s a battle we’ve all seen too closely and it’s a battle we want to fight together, because we’re more than just mates, we’re family.

Thank you for being part of this heartfelt and memorable initiative. Your kindness and generosity will make a lasting difference in the life of Jim Diskin, a true Yorkshire legend.